Physical Education

Physical Education

At Southern Cross Primary School we take great pride in our Physical Education program. The main aim of the Physical Education program is to teach the children skills and strategies to improve performance and maintain fitness. As well as encouraging participation and enjoyment of physical activity and sport, with the view to helping them become lifelong participants in physical activity.


In Physical Education sessions, children participate in a comprehensive skills based program that provides them with a sound base for participation in future sporting activities. Areas of the program include, ball skills, movement education, athletics, cross country, swimming, fitness, minor games and major games.


Southern Cross Primary School is a member of the Endeavour Hills District Sports Association. Students in Grade 5 and 6 participate in Interschool matches in the following sports; Netball, Handball, Soccer, Volley Stars, Softball, Football, Basketball, Softcrosse, Tee Ball, Cricket and Hockey.

Southern Cross Primary School also participates in District Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country carnivals. Children that participate in the district events also have the opportunity to represent the school in Divisional, Regional and State championships.


Swimming programs are offered to children from years prep to six. All children are encouraged to attend these programs. Qualified instructors are employed and class sizes are limited. Parents meet the cost of their child's involvement in the program.


Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)

In Foundation, students participate in a program called PMP – the Perceptual Motor Program, run by our specialist Physical Education Teacher. This program aims to develop students' gross and fine motor development, whilst improving and assisting with students' balance, fitness, hand-eye co-ordination and understanding of concepts such as on, in, through and under.