Wellbeing Programs

At Southern Cross Primary School we strongly believe that all students have the right to feel safe and happy in their school environment. As a result we have implemented many programs to ensure our students wellbeing.



The Restorative Justice approach to school wide incidents allows all parties involved to voice their point of views and share their concerns. Students are assisted in talking through the incident and deciding upon a solution, in order to strengthen friendships and alleviate tension.





Southern Cross PS is committed to a whole school approach to the ‘Circles’ program. It has proven to be a valuable program for student wellbeing and belonging. During Circles, students are given the opportunity to have a say and express their feelings. The process allows teachers and students to understand individual students, monitor their current attitudes/issues and act upon them accordingly.



The Tribes Program has proven to be successful in encouraging student leadership skills and developing a sense of team spirit. Each ‘Tribe’ is comprised of students from Foundation-Grade 6 and relies on the force of the student leadership team to direct activities. The students run each session (with teacher assistance) and ensure all students are demonstrating the ‘Tribes Agreements’ – Attentive Listening, Mutual Respect, The Right to Pass/Participate and No Put Downs.


Similarly to Tribes, the Better Buddies Program is promoted by the ‘Alannah and Madeline Foundation’ and has been proven to be a beneficial program in encouraging a sense of team amongst students. It operates in 2 groups (Foundation-Grade 2 and Grade 3-Grade 6) and is a teacher instructed session where students are given opportunities to complete various teambuilding activities. These could include, but are not limited to art sessions, cooking, outdoor activities, gardening and team games.