At Southern Cross Primary School we use a school-wide model for teaching reading, writing and spelling, targetting the needs of each individual child. Our programs are hands on, consistent across each level and stuctured to suit the needs and interests of our students. 


In our Junior School we have a large focus on developing our student's love of language and phonelogical awareness, through the use of the Cued Articulation Program, Seven Steps to Writing Success, Foundation Q Reading program and SMART Spelling. 


Our Middle and Senior students are encouraged to build their creativity and develop their ability to communicate their ideas in a variety of ways. We place a large emphasis on developing comprehension skills and helping our students become confident public speakers.  In the Middle and Senior school, we use SCPS' specialised Reading Program, Smart Spelling and Seven Steps to Writing success. 


In order to foster our students' love of reading, each week every grade attends a specialised Library session. 


Extra literacy support is also available to all levels, helping us extend each and every student.