Community Harmony and Team Spirit Parent Group (CHaTS)

Thank you to all our mums who came to our Meet and Greet session on Thursday 1st August. It was a great pleasure to meet an exuberant group of happy women and children.


I am amazed to see the initiatives and support these women show in seeing CHaTS as a place to grow, work together, share rich experiences and build friendships.

Meet & Greet- 1.8.19

Every month parents and friends of the school come together to enjoy a morning tea. During this time a better understanding of the teaching and learning process is gained and parents and teachers develop comfortable, supportive relationships.

Some of the wonderful projects/activities the CHaTS team have been involved in include:

  • Preparing delicious and culturally diverse foods for our Harmony Day celebrations.
  • Participation in workshops where the school organises various guest speakers to extend and educate parents.
  • Fundraising for the school.
  • Providing monthly opportunities for parents to get together and socialise
  • Collating a recipe book
  • Providing support and ideas about health and well-being
  • Discussing strategies to assist their children at home with homework


Southern Cross Primary School is a small community where diverse cultures come together to celebrate their uniqueness, develop friendships within the community, feel appreciated and have a sense of belonging.
If you would like to learn more about your children’s education and in the process make new friendships please contact the school on 9700 4488.

All parents are invited to join.