Across Grade 3/4 students use the following programs to help assist their learning journey

CAFE/Daily 5: Is a literacy program which consists of 8 minute rotations and a workshop focussing reading strategies related to student’s needs. These rotations focus on reading comprehension, writing, reading fluency/expression and spelling. In between the rotations 3 mini lesson are conducted targeting grammar, punctuation and handwriting.

Maths workshops: Are run to target students’ needs in different maths topics. These workshops are guided by teachers, to help facilitate student’s process of learning.

Goals: Students create 3 academic goals at the beginning of the year and have allocated time in class to achieve these. At the end of each term students reflect and assess whether goals are achieved and then replaced with new ones.

PBL: Is a Problem Based Learning approach, that is student driven and allows them to inquire chosen integrated topics. At the end of term students present their work and are encouraged to use various resources and mediums.


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ICT: The following ICT programs have been implemented to help student’s develop their knowledge and skills:

Netspace E-mail- Is used as a communication tool, as well as guide students to interact safely and appropriately whilst using the internet.

Studyladder- Is used regularly throughout the Grade 3/4 cohort. It is an educational site which provides a range of interactive tasks across the curriculum.

Edmodo- Is another communication tool for students to ‘post’ statements/pictures/photos etc. onto a teachers’ wall. This program gives students a platform to share information safely and develop their cyber safety skills.