In the Grade 1/2 area, many programs are used to engage students and provide hands on learning experiences.


  • CAFÉ stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expand Vocabulary. This program develops students reading and writing abilities by giving them a variety of strategies they can use. Daily 5 provides rotational activities where students can use the CAFÉ strategies taught practically.
  • The Daily 5 activities are Work on Writing, Word Work, Listen to reading and Read to Someone. Each activity has a different focus but all relates to the literacy areas of reading and writing.

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Our Mathematics Program in Grade 1/2 encourages and engages students to further develop and strengthen their numeracy understanding, through use of hands on activities and open ended tasks. We focus on using concrete materials to strengthen the students understanding and build on their prior knowledge.



Here are some photos of the Grade 1/2s making Anzac Biscuits-