Welcome to the Grade 1/2 Page! Here you will find information about programs and teaching strategies that we consistently implement across our school. As a school, we are committed to providing differentiated learning and teaching for all of our students. Please click on the link at the bottom of this section to learn more about Differentiation- A High Impact Teaching Strategy.

We enable our students to be confident learners by catering to their point of need instruction through a clear and structured assessment schedule across our team. All students are valued in our school.


Literacy Rotations

Each class across the school implements Literacy Rotations, in Grade 1/2 We implement the following:

  • Teacher Focus Group (Weekly planning for teaching reading strategies explicitly in a small group)
  • Grammar (Weekly planning from our SCPS Scope and Sequence)
  • Punctuation (Weekly planning from our SCPS Scope and Sequence)
  • Word Work (Weekly planning from our SCPS Scope and Sequence- Spelling)
  • Work on Writing (Weekly planning from our SCPS Scope and Sequence)


Smart Spelling

At SCPS, all classrooms implement the SMART Spelling Program. It is a fun approach to explicitly teaching spelling & all students are so engaged and look forward to the sessions.

- Spelling is taught through spelling patterns and regularity.

- It is based around whole words with an emphasis on meaning and vocabulary development.

- Spelling rules are taught in the context of words in a way that builds on learning from prior years. There are only 4!

 - SMART is an acronym for the sequence teachers follow to teach words to students (Say, Meaning, Analyse, Remember, Teach)

Seven Steps to Writing

We implement Seven Steps to Writing across the school. In Grade 1/2, we have been seeing students engaged in writing, and developing their writing stamina, ideas, creative writing and challenging their thinking and writing knowledge through these sessions. There are 7 simple steps:


At SCPS, we run hands on, real life, open ended and close ended mathematics tasks that are engaging, challenging and fun. Students are able to articulate their mathematics learning intentions and co-create all success criteria for all subjects.



PBL is a student-centred that focuses on students finding a solution to an unfamiliar task. They are able to develop life long learning skills and articulate their planning process through the steps: