Online Learning Star Rating System

Dear parents & carers,


Welcome to Term 3! Unfortunately we find ourselves in a similar situation to Term 2 where we will be returning to remote learning from Monday 20th July. We will be using the same online learning platform, Seesaw, as our main online resource. 


We would like to remind parents, that although this is a challenging time, we are here to support you and your child as best we can. It is vitally important that your child engages with learning during the next few weeks, whether this be through Seesaw, hard copy packs or onsite (for students of essential workers). We will be tracking student’s engagement with learning and this will be linked to your child’s attendance, as was the case in Term 2. This will ensure we are meeting DET requirements of student engagement and attendance.


We will be implementing a new star rating system to track students’ attendance and engagement. This will be consistent for students participating in online learning and those using hard copy packs. Attendance will still run based on the activities completed, with the following expectations:

  • 5 stars will make up a full day’s work
  • 1 maths and 1 literacy activity per day are MUST DO activities
  • Different tasks will be weighted differently
  • Stars will be averaged out for the week (25 stars for the week – minimum)
  • Maximum of 5 star substitution tasks for one week (a list of substitution tasks will be sent)

∗∗∗ WebEx sessions will be worth 3 stars

∗∗  Literacy & Numeracy tasks will be worth 2 stars

∗   Other curriculum areas or activities will be worth 1 star


Students will continue to have 6 business days to complete tasks and attendance will be altered retrospectively to support flexibility for families.


If you would like to contact your classroom teacher, please feel free to email them at their Gmail account. They will be available between 9am – 4pm Monday – Friday


Thank you for your continued partnership during these uncertain and difficult times!


SCPS Staff