In media studies we look at creating Visual Narratives which can be made into simple animations, such as flip books and film making with Claymation. We discuss and create storyboarding showing narrative progression through orientation, complication and resolution. Students will sketch their characters on the storyboard and then either create a more detailed flipbook and eventually a simple Claymation movie. Perspective drawing and viewpoints will also be part of our discussions such as where does the eye move when we look at a picture or movie. How do we create depth using lighting and what is a negative area? What is the foreground, middle and background?


All these discussions will build the students understanding of how to develop their ideas and turn them into a moving picture. Our final project will involve using software ‘Stop Motion Pro’ to create animation using plasticine characters that the children will make. This involves using cameras set up with a webcam to take a series of pictures of their characters with slight movement to animate them. Once this has been done children can then edit and include music and backgrounds. Once complete these animations will be presented to their classes and the school.