Chinese 2019

Chinese at Southern Cross Primary School

At Southern Cross Primary School, the Chinese program opens to all students from Prep to Grade 6 with completing an hour session weekly. It provides many opportunities for students to explore and experience China culture, traditions, as well as becoming familiar with the Chinese language.

Our Chinese program is designed through a wide range of learning experiences with real-life purpose. These include: music, dance and drama, reading stories, language games, and class discussions. Through these funs, interactive and stimulating activities, students are focusing on the listening, speaking, reading, writing and cultural context.

Primary years are the best for students to learning a second language. At Southern Cross Primary School, the main purposes of learning Chinese are to help their brain grow, improve their cognitive skills and develop a better understanding of their native language. It also gives students access to two cultures and makes them more tolerant and open to others.


Chinese Day 2019

In Term 2, we celebrated learning about Chinese with a Chinese Day.

It was a day filled with fun, laughter, excitement, challenging activities and teamwork. Our school TRIBE Leaders worked tirelessly with our Chinese Teacher to design and organize activities/games that were of Chinese origin or related to the Chinese culture.

Students took part in: making masks, making handprint Chinese dragon, playing Chinese traditional sports, chopstick challenge, and Chinese calligraphy writing. To add to the day’s theme, students and teachers dressed in either traditional Chinese clothing or they wore red-good luck colours. During lunchtime the aroma of Chinese food coming from the canteen, flowed across the courtyard and delicious food was enjoyed with satisfied smiling faces.