Daily 5

The Daily 5 Literacy Program is run from prep to grade 4 and allows students to work on a range of literacy and reading skills. Students use the Daily 5 to work on reading skills through using a range of ‘CAFÉ’ strategies (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanding vocabulary).

The Daily 5 allows students to work on what is personally required to improve their own reading in whole group, small group and mixed group situations. Mini lessons are also incorporated to teach new skills, sounds, writing techniques as well as grammar and punctuation. The daily 5 encompasses the following:

Read To Self:
Students increase their reading stamina and ability to focus. They work on choosing a good fit book and look at methods to assist them in choosing what to look for in a book that suits their needs and interests.

Read To Someone:
Students focus on using a range of reading strategies through the ‘CAFÉ menu’ to decipher a range of texts. This focus includes reading the words, pictures and retelling the story. Questions such as; Who, What, Where, When and Why are asked. Reading to someone helps improve fluency, student’s ability to check for understanding and increases comprehension.

Listen To Reading:
Students listen to reading, either from their peers, teachers or through interactive programs on daily basis. This demonstrates to students how to be a fluent and expressive reader. It increases their exposure to storytelling while also increasing their vocabulary.

Work On Writing:
Students work on a range of writing styles daily, using their free choice writing calendar to decide on their text type for each session. They work on their personal needs and goals; including handwriting, punctuation, storytelling abilities and spelling. Students draft their stories and then publish their final pieces in a range of ways.

Word Work:
Students use a variety of hands on materials to improve their spelling, reading and writing skills. They focus on either personal spelling words, adapted from their writing errors, or the Magic100-1000 words, while also focusing on a range of phonics.