Chinese Day 2016

Chinese Day, 2016

In Term 4, we celebrated learning about Chinese with a Chinese Day. Here is a little bit about our fun day:

An array of red and gold filled our court yard. Large red lanterns swayed in the wind and shimmering gold ones joined them. Streamers looped amongst the lanterns adding a touch of festivity to the atmosphere. Wide eyed faces, smiles and sounds of excitement echoed all around, as people of all ages took in the court yard’s transformation. Chinese Day had finally arrived!!

It was a day filled with fun, laughter, excitement, challenging activities and team work. Our school TRIBE Leaders worked tirelessly with our Chinese Teacher to organise activities/games that were of Chinese origin or related to the Chinese culture. Students took part in: making masks, making paper fortune cookies, playing Chinese 11’s, colouring competition, chopstick challenge, making paper dragons and character writing competition. To add to the day’s theme, students and teachers dressed in either traditional Chinese clothing or they wore red and gold, good luck colours. During lunch time the aroma of Chinese food coming from the canteen, flowed across the court yard and delicious food was enjoyed with satisfied smiling faces.